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Legal and Commercial Genealogy

The rigorous demands of legal and commercial genealogy call for research that is:

  • Complete. Due Diligence requires that all reasonable sources be exhausted. We use documentary sources, of course, employing both an extensive collection of subscription databases as well as a broad familiarity with governmental and institutional data sources. If approved, we go beyond conventional data-mining to contact family members and other informants.


  • Wide-Ranging. We use our network of on-site researchers when work in remote locations is required and this approach is cost-effective. Private Investigators are employed on a limited basis when very difficult situations require going beyond publicly-available "people-finder" services.

  • Properly Documented. Reports are prepared in the appropriate format for the relevant jurisdiction or audience, with full citations and original documents appended. When required, we prepare Affidavits of Kinship and Due Diligence, including relevant records and a family tree.


  • Objective and motivated solely by the search for truth, not finders fees. We do not work on contingency. Reimbursement is composed of hourly fees plus costs. We will gladly review findings provided by contingent-fee firms for accuracy and completeness.