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Contact us for a no-cost consultation to discuss your research objectives. We might be able to answer a simple question quickly, at no charge. If not, we can provide an estimate of scope and establish an acceptable budget for the project.

Together, we will define your project goals. To save research time, we review your own records and family knowledge. 

We keep you updated on status using your preferred method of communication: email, telephone, Skype or in-person. We are acutely aware of budget constraints and are adept at eliminating false leads, cold trails, and other time-wasters.


The time required for a project is related to factors such as the number of generations to be included and the number of individuals in each generation.  Efficient fact-searching depends upon a knowledge of what information exists that can address the research questions, how to get it, and how to navigate around seeming dead-ends. This knowledge can only be acquired through experience, of which we have quite a bit.

Use this contact form, send us an email, or call us. 

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